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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 19, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's the end of the week an we're going to celebrate with some great videos, "right this minute." >> you can see just pieces of the house kind of wrapped in the trees themselves. >> a meteorologist doing tornado coverage spots something in the rubble. look what he found. the story of saving a scared kitten straight from whio's rich wirdzek. >> one glimmer of hope that came out of such a tragic situation. >> we've seen a lot of burnouts, but this time -- >> the entire car burns out. >> see the shocker when the
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driver escapes but then goes back in. this video of a caregiver is enough to make you. >> sick to your stomach. >> how the family of a 90-year-old busted the thief in action. how to win an ipad mini. the wallet made famous in the movie "pulp fiction". >> what happens when you have that wallet and get pulled over by the cops? >> meet the guy who's about to find out. severe storms wreaked havoc on parts of ohio on wednesday. tornadoes even touched down in some areas. an ireporter for whio captured this moment. >> oh, my gosh. >> as you know, when storms are in an area, the work of a meteorologist is never done. at whio meteorologist rich wirdzek was out to cover the tornado, to surdamage. here's one of his reports. >> you can see pieces of the house wrapped within the trees
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themselves. >> rich, not just a meteorologist. now i think rich can also be known as a hero. look what he found. >> hey, buddy. hey buddy. are you okay? >> do you hear that? he was out looking at some of the damage, heard the meows of a cat, actually a kitten, and, of course rich was going to spring into action and he goes in and rescues this poor kitten. >> oh, that is heartbreaking. i hate to see this. >> but, rich is there and thank goodness he was, and that he did hear the sounds because he -- you can hear in his voice in the video is kind and gentle and helped this cat. >> are you okay? i'm going to get you something. >> wrapped the cat in a jacket and warmed the cat up in the live truck, the whio live truck so that the cat could be safe. we'll find out exactly what's going on with this little kitten because we have rich wirdzek via
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skype right this minute. the first question on everybody's minds, where's the kitten? where is the cat now? >> the kitten is with the family. we called the family and they were able to come up and grab the kitten. >> is the cat still in the area that the family's home once was? >> yeah. i found the cat exactly where the house was. they have a lot of rebuilding to do but they're going to be holding on to the kitten. one glimmer of hope that came out of such a tragic situation. >> were the cat's cries drew you to that section or were you walking around and the cat heard you? >> i think the kitten might have heard me. at first i thought it was a bird. it sounded different. i had my phone on me. i turned it on. wasn't sure what i was going to find at first. i walked up and the kitten was right there. >> how does it feel to be a hero? >> i don't think you can call me a hero. i was in the right place in the right time. usually i am in the studio giving the weather. >> tell us details about the tornado that touched down. >> rated ef-3 on the damage
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scale of ef-0 to ef-5. it was the kitten's size being so small that allowed it to vive. we had rain on and off for about 14 hours after the tornado so, you know, not only was everything thrown around but everything got soaked. the family had the best attitude of anyone i've ever seen go through something like that. >> well thank you for all that you've been doing for the folks in ohio. >> i'm glad i could help out in some little way. people have all sorts of hobbies out there and for whatever reason this is a hobby of some. the burnout. you got your car in the parking lot, rvs and all your buddies are around and revving up your engines. this is in sochi. i did say this was a burnout. it turns to be quite literally into a burnout because right here, the entire car burns out. >> those sparks thought a fire. who would have thunk that would have happened?
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>> out the driver because he bails from his car, but watch this, go back. i think i forget my jacket. >> at least looks like they're prepared. they seem to have fire extinguishers. maybe they thought this was a possibility. now another russian video is asphalt season for the tvg racing team. see this fella on the track tearing it up. all is well. st. petersburg, russia. until -- >> oh. >> yeah. he bales quickly. keep your eyes where there would be a passenger's feet in the passenger side. watch this. there's like a big shot of flames down there too. you can see this is bad. the whole hood. everything under the hood on fire. you can see these guys also have the extinguishers close by. they're able to get those on the fire as soon as possible. the guy's car is quite literally
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toast. good news believe it or not the car suffered little damage. the guy was able to hop into another car and continue the race and finish, but not before he comes back in the burnt car to, you guessed it, get the camera. this is the kind of video that's going to make you sick to your stomach. check out what this woman is doing. that's angela brown. she is supposed to be the carrier of 90-year-old ruth darling. instead what she does is go through ruth's wallet and purse and take money from her in this video we actually see her looking through some of her stuff, multiple times. according to reports, she stole as much as $890 that they know of for sure. they also say about $10,000 are missing from ruth's bank account. >> oh. and they're paying this woman. here she is exploiting the whole thing. >> they ended up finding out
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about this because their house cleaner victoria williams, saw her at the grocery store loading up her shopping cart with very expensive wine. she got suspicious wondering where is she getting all that money from. she decided to plant this camera with the permission of the family in a pen. she put a pen that was actually a camera, recorded all of this, confirming their suspicions, in fact, she was stealing from ruth. >> that's so fantastic. your house cleaner. you have one person who's working in your home that you can't trust and another person who's working in your home who's like the epitome of honest. >> fortunately she is now being cared for properly and brownson was sentenced to 48 weeks in jail. >> that's not enough. all right. we're celebrating the end of the week with a little rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> to enter you need the buzzword and a twitter account.
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if you don't have a twitter account don't worry. it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> hang with us, everybody. we're giving away an ipad mini in just a little bit. heavy rainfall in bosnia has caused this river to overflow its banks. there's been flooding in homes, businesses, even in farmland. but i want you to see this bridge. you can see the water rising and getting pretty close to where cars or people are supposed to cross that bridge, but in this video, you see it coming down the river. >> what? oh, my gosh. >> the whole bridge is movin wn like a barge. >> look what it's floating towards. >> boom. >> oh, no. >> hits another bridge. and it damages the bridge that
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it hit. but it doesn't stop here. it keeps going. another part of the bridge comes and hits that bridge that was hit by the first one. >> what are the people doing on that bridge? >> yeah. they need to get out of there. >> part of the reason they're probably still there, is that many roads were closed and no way to get out. >> it's amazing to see this because it gives you an idea of how strong the power behind this water is. >> a professor drops a beat. >> to the tune of snoop dogg. ♪ with my mind on >> hear his pre-final exam rap to take the edge off. >> snoop would be impressed. >> a surfer hoping to -- >> reinvent the way you hit the ways.
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>> how he found a way to surf the big boys with two boards. hey there.
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did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. these days, in any sports, seems like you got to keep upping the ante. check out what this surfer did in this epic tv video to reinvent the way you hit the waves. >> what is he on? >> he's on a small thinless board. they're incredibly thin and very
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small. this surfer fred created this way to surf that is almost like you're snowboard. >> it almost looks like it would snap in half. >> yeah. ♪ >> the way he manages to get on a wave is he takes his board, he puts it on top of a surf board or paddleboard. once he's at the wave, jumps off the board, and rides the wave. >> does somebody carry the other board back or have it on a tow rope and pulling it along? >> he kind of loses it. hopefully there is someone at the shore that can pull it in for him. >> it looks like he made that in his garage. it looks homemade. found a piece of wood. sand this out. it does work. obviously he has serious skills. >> his goal is to try a board like this at the huge wave. >> i wonder how it would hold up
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in extreme conditions we see all sorts of videos from. ladies, you know the old saying, you know, what better way to get ready for your final when you're in college than -- >> taking a nap? >> no. >> study. >> no! >> eat a sandwich. >> no! >> music? >> kind of. >> oh. >> listening to your professor ra rap. ♪ full of students turn out the lights and close the door we don't love the bugs we just mass produce ♪ >> to the tune of snoop dog's "gin and juice" this is a uc berkeley professor in the science department, dan garcia. apparently this video is the pre-final hip-hop by professor dan garcia. he's kind of rapping about computer science stuff.
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snoop would be proud. >> yeah. ♪ ideas come to the argument ♪ laid back ♪ with my mind on my coating and my coating on my mind ♪ >> that's really good. >> yeah. >> he needs a better rap name thanrofessor dan garcia. >> it couldg. >> prof g. >> thank you very much. down home humor southern style. >> it's kind of a hodgepodge of southernisms. >> next "right this minute." >> still to come -- trucks aren't allowed to be on this road. >> because there are some low overpasses. >> how one truck driver didn't get the memo. >> oh! >> plus, if you're broke and in your 20s, there's only one thing to do. >> you just got to go straight
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to your mama's house. >> the only place where young, hip, financially unstable fashionistas can get clothes for free. >> see why going home is the way to go. and friday's buzzword you need if you want a chance to win an ipad mini.
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it's safe to say sometimes vehicles go where they're just not supposed to go and thank goodness for dash cams because we see the footage like in this video from juken, dash cam footage from long island, new york. this driver with the dash cam, driving on a parkway, making sure that he gets some footage of this giant 18-wheeler in front of him. in new york some parkways only allow passenger vehicles because there are some low overpasses. >> oh, boy. >> glides under that one.
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look up ahead another overpass in front of this truck. >> oh, no. >> oh! >> too low. >> wow. that's stuff all over the road. >> probably did a little structural damage to the bridge, the overpass itself. >> did that driver not realize that he was the only driver with a big truck on the road? >> look at the damage to the truck. look at that truck trailer. the guy with the dash cam did pull over to see if the truck driver was fine. the poster of the video said the truck driver said yes, he was fine. on to our next dash cam video, another vehicle going where vehicles aren't supposed to go. there's a little bit of a traffic going on. white ford focus driver gets a little impatient. looks like he's going into the lawn, try to drive in the grass to get in front of the line of traffic over there. nope. >> he's trying to drive over the rocks. >> yes. >> those rocks are probably theres because people try this. >> the driver with the dash cam stays there to get more footage
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because we do see the driver of this white ford focus get out of the car to come to check to see what problem is. >> not the best vehicle to do off roading. >> and traffic is going. >> all he had to do was wait a few more seconds. you're fabulous in your 20s, energetic ready to taken the world. where do you go? let's be honest. the truth is you're probably broke so you got to go straight to your mama's house. >> are you a 20-something blaary making your rent? do you have a mom? try your mom's house. only place where young hit, financially unstable fashionistas can get clothes for free. between my student loans and rent in the big city i could barely afford to pay my cell phone bill. since i took a visit to my mom's house i got a new coat to the gap. >> it's about mom's credit card really. >> at your mom's house, you can enjoy all the amenities traditional department stores offer like easy returns. >> i got you this.
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>> i hate that. >> okay. >> a personal shopper. >> i just don't know what i'm doing with my life. >> baby, do you need boots? >> yes. >> oh, yeah. you get better stuff there. >> and, of course, quality time with your family. >> hey, let's get pinkberry on the way home. >> mom, you're the best. >> i'm going to try it and see if it works. show up to my mom's house. she'll probably say get a job. >> thanks my mom's house i can spend my money on what really matters. all right. it's time for the "rtm"pad mini giveaway. you nd ttteraccount. if you don have one can create you enter. >> enter on our website that's, just click on the win an ipad mini button and enter today's buzzword. >> here it is, time to reveal the buzzword for friday. it is -- turtle. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter buzzword turtle,
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t-u-r-t-l-e. >> and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. dude gets pulled over so he whips out had his famous movie wallet. >> his wallet says -- >> see if the cop is a fan or simply not amused. >> you bad [ bleep ] wallet? spoo whoev.
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>> whoever did this, good job. >> there is a very memorable scene from the classic 1994 movie "pulp fiction." multiple award winner want to jog your memory here. watch this. >> i want you to go in that bag and find my wallet. >> which one is it? >> it's the one that says bad mother [ bleep ]. >> samuel l. jackson's character during the standoff, the guy knows his wallet says bad
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mother -- >> guess what. they sell this wallet of what samuel l. jackson's character had in the movie. my good buddy marco he owns the wallet. there he is there. not just my buddy marco but a fellow named nicolas. what happens when you have that wallet and you get pulled over by the cops? >> don't show them the wallet. just kind of get your license out and leave the wallet in your pocket. >> i know. you might get shot. >> let's see what happens. here nicolas gets pulled over. >> [ inaudible ] you ran the red light. >> he got pulled over because he treated a red light like a stop sign. >> i'm not going to lie, man. i go through them all the time. i didn't know you were a cop. >> they're in an unmarked car. you can see nicolas being brutally honest saying i do that all the time. >> got your license on you, bud? >> no problem. >> let's see your identification. >> do you have bad mother [ bleep ] wallet. i have to let him go on the fact that he has a bad mother
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[ bleep ] wallet. >> that's awesome. this cop has a sense of humor. >> he says that. of course the officer could just say that. let's see what happens here. you can see him calling in the information. nicolas just, hey, keeping it cool, right? so what happens. does the bmf wallet work for this guy? >> yeah. we're the police. don't run the red light. >> gives him stuff back. >> i want to get one of the wallets. >> the video is called the bmf wallet saved me again. maybe this has worked out for him in the past. >> that's it for "rtm." we'll see you next time. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." you've got a carjacking, a police chase and a suspect who -- >> is holding a nail gun. >> why the weapon is not the craziest part of this story. a moose barrels into the town pond, but then -- >> he can't get out. >> the rescue mission that brought the whole town together. you got to admit -- >> it's so weird to see this happening. >> see how blue the roo is keeping her dog down. how to win a new ipad mini. and why


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